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Credits are like the currency inside SendJim that covers the cost of an item you're wanting to send either now or in the future to your customer, their neighbors, or prospects through Radius Bomb. The credit cost of an item covers the printing, postage, UV coating for postcards, greeting cards for gifts, and the price of the item itself for gifts.

Each item inside SendJim has a cost. Here's the pricing of some of our most popular items:

  • 4x6 Postcard: 1 credit

  • Handwritten Card: 6 credits

  • Letters: 2 Credits

  • Voicemails: 0.5 credit

As a SendJim user you will want to purchase credits in order to process mailings to your customers. Credits typically range between $0.73-$0.80 each and many plans include credits with your monthly charge. Any credits you don't use roll over into the next month.

These credits can be used to send out any item inside SendJim.

First:  Make sure you have a valid credit card on file inside your "Company Profile":

Next:  You can add to your credits at any time by simply selecting the "add credits" button in the upper left corner of your dashboard page.  

(these credits are deducted from your account as you send out postcards and goodies)

Here is a listing of the current credit costs for each product:

4x6 Postcard- 1 Credit

5x8 Postcard- 1.5 Credits for First Class Postage (1.42 Credits for Standard Postage)

6x11 Postcard- 1.75 Credits for First Class Postage (1.67 Credits for Standard Postage. EDDM Also Available)

Handwritten Card- 6 Credits

Letter- 2 Credits

Box of Brownies in Premium Box- 25 Credits

Voicemail Bomb- 0.5 Credits



*Credits for future sends will be deducted automatically. If you need to remove addresses or cancel a send that is in the future, you will be reimbursed for the unused credits at that time.

**When you send a gift, you are required to include a handwritten or printed card. The credit cost for gifts includes the gift, card, and all shipping and handling costs.

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