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Customer Factor CRM Integration
Customer Factor CRM Integration

Learn how to automate customer follow ups and neighbor mailings using The Customer Factor CRM software

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We are excited to announce a POWERFUL Integration with The Customer Factor.

Follow these steps to make sure your account is properly setup and enjoy 100% automation from inside your CRM.

STEP 1:  Log into your Send Jim/Radius Bomb account and go to the Company Profile Area.

STEP 2:   Click the "Billing and Membership" tab near the top of the screen.

STEP 3:  Make sure you have the following three items setup correctly.

  -1:  Make sure you have a valid credit card saved.
 -2:  Make sure you "turn on" the auto-replenish feature
 -3:  Make sure you "turn on" the monthly spending limit feature

(these three item must be setup first or the integration will not work)


STEP 4:  Login to your Customer Factor account and go to "General/Setup".

STEP 5: Scroll down the page until you see the "Send Jim" area.

STEP 6:  Choose to "Allow Access" to your Send Jim/Radius Bomb account.

STEP 7:  Now it is time to "export" all of your existing prospects and customers into Send Jim.

Maybe you prefer watching a VIDEO to help you?  If so click this video link:


Ok, now you are ready to use Send Jim/Radius Bomb from inside of The Customer Factor!

Here are some important tips to remember:

1:  If you do not have complete addresses on file for your contacts inside of The Customer Factor they will NOT export into Send Jim.  Please update your records to have full address info.

2:  Future prospects and customers you add into The Customer Factor will automatically push into Send Jim from this point forward.

3:  Go to the "DAILY CALENDAR" screen to see the new "Send Jim" button. 

4:  To use Send Jim simply choose either a "direct customer mailing" or a "neighbor mailing" from the popup menu shown below.  

5:  If you get stuck or need to disconnect and reconnect your account for some reason that can be done in the "General/Settings" area inside of The Customer Factor.  

6:  Set up the 100% AUTOMATED TRIGGERS inside the Customer Factor for a total hands off marketing powerhouse.   Just follow the instructions.

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