We understand that in some cases, you want to hire a graphic designer to create a custom card for you instead of using one of our editable templates or our in-house graphic designer.

To make sure your designs will look their best, you'll want to provide your designer with the templates guidelines for our 4x6, 5x8, and 6x11 postcards.

You can download the custom postcard template guidelines in your Quick Sends area, or download them on DROPBOX or GOOGLE DOCS.

Those guidelines include the exact specifications your designer needs to create a unique card for your business.

Using Canva to create your own designs? We recommend using the following custom dimensions to ensure a high resolution image.

  • 4x6: 2063px X 1403px

  • 5x8: 2723px X 1733px

  • 6x11: 3713px X 2063px

Download the Anatomy of a Perfect Postcard here.

You can hire our graphic designer to create a fully customized and editable card at https://www.sendjim.io/card-order.

If they have any questions, they can reach out to us here, or at [email protected].

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