Here I will provide a short overview of a few simple steps & important information of what is shown in the video. If you'd like a more detailed description, please watch the video :) 

Step 1: Open the Photoshop File located in the "SendJim_Master Templates_File Bundle

BLEEDS: This is the "BLEED" area. Please keep ALL important information inside these borders. (Shown below)

Step 2: If you plan on using a "house photo" please go to your layers tab in the right-hand menu and  find the layer titled "REPLACE ME WITH YOUR OWN PHOTO" and right click 

Step 3: Right click that layer and go to the option "Replace Contents" then find the image on your computer you'd like to use

Step 4: Customize the template with your own images, logos, text, offers, call to action, etc.

WHITE AREAS: Anything can be placed in the white areas. These are 100% customizable with images, text, logos, etc

LAYERS: The layers tab allows you to see the different items in your file. Layers can be turned on/off by clicking the "eyeball" to the left of each layer.

Step 5: Turn off the bleed layers before exporting & uploading to your Send Jim account.

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