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Service Monster CRM Integration
Service Monster CRM Integration

How to Enable SendJim with the ServiceMonster Platform

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Watch the video or follow the written instructions below to learn how to connect ServiceMonster and SendJim together as well as all the different ways you can send mailings through SendJim inside ServiceMonster.  

How to Connect ServiceMonster and SendJim

  1. On the ServiceMonster Home Page, Click "MarketPlace" from the left menu and find "SendJim" in the MarketPlace.

  2. Select the "Configuration" Tab

  3. Select "Grant Access to Your SendJim Account"

  4. Select "Allow Access" from the pop-up

    1. If you are not currently logged into SendJim, this pop-up will ask you to log-in before allowing access

  5. The Page will Automatically Refresh to Set-Up Mobile Automation

    1. If you do not want to set up automatic mailings based on mobile app tasks, you can skip this step.

    2. If you do want to set up automatic mailings, please fill in the drop boxes and select "Save Settings" to apply the mobile mailings automation

Finishing Set-Up Inside SendJim

  1. Log into your SendJim account

  2. Select "Company Profile" from the left menu

  3. Select the "Billing and Membership" tab at the top of the Company Profile

  4. Find the CRM Integration Setup options on the right side of the page and fill out the information. Click "Save" to complete the set-up.

    1. Maximum Monthly Spending Limit is the monthly allowance of credits that ServiceMonster can spend on your behalf through the integration with SendJim. Once this limit is reached in a month timeframe, SendJim will stop sending out mailers through the ServiceMonster integration until the limit is raised, or until the limit resets on the first of the month. SendJim will send you an email once this limit has been reached

    2. Auto-Replenish is the number of credits SendJim can purchase on your behalf to allow your automated mailings to continue to send out if you run out of credits in your SendJim credit bank and you have not reached your monthly spending limit. A receipt will be emailed to you when credits have been purchased.

Both boxes must be checked for the integration to run properly between SendJim and ServiceMonster.

Have any questions or need help with turning on the integration? Use the chat in the bottom right of this article to contact our support team.

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