Step 1 : Access from dashboard or from company Profile – Third Party Integration

Step 2:  Select the " Connect Jobber" button. This will open an new window where you must allow the two systems to connect. 

*** IMPORTANT.  If you connect more than 1 SendJim account to Jobber only the most recent SendJim account will actually be connected.

Step 3: Now you will see you are connected and can start adding Activities.  You can also check the box if you want to sync contacts from Jobber to SendJim. Contact will sync from Jobber to SendJim, not from SendJim to Jobber. Contacts that are transferred over will also be tagged as Customer or Prospect. 

Step 4: When you are adding an activity the you would like to happen you can choose either an Invoice being marked paid or scheduling a job to triggering your mailing inside of SendJim.

Once you have your activity chosen you must decide who the recipient will be. It will be either the customer whose invoice was just marked paid or it will be there neighbors. If you choose for it to be sent to there neighbors then you must select how many neighbors you want it to go to.

Step 5: This is the last and most important step. You must choose which quicksend you want to be mailed. Always remember to hit the Add button once you are done, if you do not hit the add button it will not be saved.

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