What They Are and Which One You Should Use

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A CRM or a Customer Relationship Management system that helps you keep track of interactions with your customers and prospects. They help you keep track of all the important information regarding a client like the last time you serviced them, notes about their account, when their next scheduled appointment with you is, billing information, etc.

While SendJim is not a CRM, it does connect with a lot of CRMs allowing you to trigger automated follow-up sequences to your customers to stay top-of-mind for them, and to trigger automated follow-up sequences to their immediate neighbors to increase your route density and expand your market.

But what CRM should you choose?

Honestly, that is up to you and what works best for your business flow.

Here are some CRMs and Software Partners that SendJim has a direct integration with:

Here are a few of SendJim's Direct Integration Software Partners:

SendJim also has an integration with Zapier to help connect to other CRMs and offer more customized integrations. Here are a few popular CRMs that SendJim connects to through the Zapier integration:

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