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How to Connect WorkIz and SendJim
How to Connect WorkIz and SendJim

Watch this video to learn how to integrate WorkIz and SendJim through Zapier.

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To sign up for Zapier, please visit

**Note** Like all CRM connections, to finish the integration, you must have the "CRM Integration Set-Up" section in your Billing and Membership set-up.

To access this area, log in to SendJim, click "Company Profile" on the left side of your screen, select the third tab at the top "Billing and Membership," scroll down to "CRM Integration Set-Up" on the right side of the page below your payment information, fill in the fields, click "save," and your integration set-up is done.

Questions? Reply to this chat to schedule an appointment with our team to help you set-up your integration.

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