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Reviewing your Share Link - Import for Your Custom Design.
Reviewing your Share Link - Import for Your Custom Design.

If you received a share link to import new cards this is for you

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You have been given the Share link to import the design into your account. 

Step 1. Make sure you are logged in

Step 2. Click the Share link provided by the team to import the designs into your account

Step 3. Setup Your Cards with custom content and verify how they look

Let's setup your cards with custom content

Be sure to go into each card by clicking the “Edit” Button over the top of the card.

Select Option for QR CODE

Now click Next till you get to QR code. Use the figure below to edit the domain that you would like to appear on the back of the card. You can also leave this blank.

Step 1: Click Yes enables the QR

Step 2: Enter a domain such as or

The QR Code ideally would go to a landing page, regardless of wherever you send traffic to please remember to check the URL works.

Now, We are going to customize the content.

Customize Content

Editing the Content on the back of the card is what separates SendJim from anything that’s in existence. It allows you to customize the content based on address. 

You can use the macros to utilize the address information such as Name and services. If you are wanting to get creative I have customers using the services for dog names and more.  

Lets look at an example. 

Here is an example of macros being used with services in the company profile.

Cutoff Line: I have laid out how many lines of content you can have. The max is 7 lines. You can see above where line 8 was cut off. Be aware of that and make sure to make good use of the 7 lines provided.

 Note: You may have a design that the content prints over, make sure designs are verified the way you like them before sending these out using the preview generator provided to the right. If it isn't right you can download the PDF by clicking "VIEW IN NEW TAB" and download and send to your designer to make needed changes. 

If you have trouble getting this to load then be sure to let a member of our team know. Generally,  the preview loads slowly, so give it a minute if you have a slow internet connection.

Definitely, make sure you check the preview generator before sending a large order. I also recommend sending yourself a card to see how long the delivery time will be for your customers. 

Let me know if you have any trouble getting these imported by using the Chat on the bottom right of this screen. 

PS: if you are in love with your new cards do me a favor by tagging #SendJim on Facebook or Instagram or by sharing our service with your friends. It would mean a lot to the team and myself! BONUS: We do giveaways for free brownies from time to time and you could win! Join our SJ Pro Tools Facebook Group here to qualify

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