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Responsibid Integration
Responsibid Integration

Learn how to set up and connect your send jim account to Responsibid to allow for automatic neighbor mailings and thank you mailings

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Step 1:  Login into your SendJim account

Step 2:  Go to the "Company Profile" area

Step 3:  Click the Billing and Membership "tab"

Step 4:  Make sure you do the following three things:

​     A:  Save a credit card to be on file
     B:  Turn "On" the "auto-replenish" feature
     C:  Set a monthly spending cap for your Responsibid integration

Step 5:   Log into Responsibid and click the "Connections" link

Step 6:  Connect Send Jim to Responsibid by clicking the proper link and following the instructions

After you are connected you will go into Responsibids "Follow-up Builder" and set up your automatic mailings.

For each "status" that Responsibid allows you to have for your clients you can trigger one of two things:

1:  A Direct Customer Mailing


2:  A Neighbor Mailing

Using Responsibids Follow Up Builder you can choose what mailings to have triggered when a client "status" is changed (open, pending, closed, scheduled, etc)

P.S.  Make sure you have some mailing "Quicksends" already set up and ready to go in your SendJim account first :)

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